It has been 15 years since the first Montana KIDS COUNT data book was released in 2001. We are now well into our “teen years” and it’s about time for our logo, our website, and our mission statement to reflect how we have matured as an organization. By narrowing and enhancing our focus, and by cultivating our ability to communicate effectively in these areas, Montana KIDS COUNT has improved its ability to affect change in our state.


A few words about our redesigned logo: as an attentive observer, you will notice that it includes Montana’s iconic mountains in the form of data trend lines that point upwards, toward the positive changes we seek for our children. The logo also incorporates the tag line, “Better data for better policies”, in reference to our work to improve child and family wellbeing by encouraging and supporting data-informed policy decisions.


You will see our new logo prominently displayed on our redesigned website, where we have spent a significant amount of time reorganizing the site content in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The site is now organized around Montana KIDS COUNT’s six key topic areas of Demographics; Education; Health; Family & Community; Economic Wellbeing; and Safety & Risk Behaviors. Of course, the main navigation bar still allows you to explore site content by standard categories like Data, Publications, and Media, the latter of which provides access to media releases, media kits, and Montana KIDS COUNT in the news.


Along with the new logo, the new color scheme, and the new website, Montana KIDS COUNT is also revamping its blog – you are currently reading our first new post. By featuring more content-specific articles and expert guest authors, the Montana KIDS COUNT Blog will be more timely and relevant. We have also established a new Twitter handle (@MTKidsCount), and invite you to follow us, as well as to like us on Facebook, and to sign up for our e-newsletter using the form below. That way, you’ll be the first to know when we develop and post new research and material, and you can share with us how you use the products we develop to make a difference in the lives of Montana’s children.

Thank you!

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